The appalachian mountains as far as the eye can see...

Do you live for the adventures of the great outdoors? A picturesque view all around you can be found on dozens of local trails.

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Look around and view the majesty of a cascading waterfall just off the highway.

Don't be suprised if you spot a majestic waterfall on many of your drives around the region.

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The local highways have amazing views from a number of scenic overlooks.

It can be difficult not to pull over during an excursion. Just stand near the edge and look out for miles of rolling mountain tops.

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Located in the southern Appalachian mountains within the Nantahala National Forest...
This town is known throughout the region as a tourist hot spot. Main street is dotted with quaint stores, antique dealers and coffee shops.

Tee off onto the rolling hills of the Appalachian mountains...
It is easy to enjoy a round of golf with beautiful scenery crafted amongst the rolling hills and quiet landscapes.

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With the outdoors at your fingertips the surroundings cry out, "adventure"...
The Chattooga River running along the borders of 3 states is a prime location to tackle the falls and rapids of a whitewater rafting expedition.